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Mobile App Development
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As you need plug and play office solutions, transforming your business into the digital age. All Entrepreneurs should start here.

Mobile App Development

Ever thought it would be a great idea to manage and run your business like a social media network? We at MyMobileOffice.Online have been developing just such a system, called the iWap system (integrated web application).

Our App also boasts a client administration and debiting system and functions as the back-end admin console for managing your users and clients, their account and payments.

Your App will be comparable to that of Facebook and Instagram, with document sharing, comments, followers, chat, articles, ratings, photo galleries, favourites, push notifications, advanced search functions, users profiles, pins, tags, stats and graphs, and linking and sharing with all the other social media platforms.

The real beauty is that you will be able to personalize the front-end of your App to suit your own style and branding and customize the back-end functionally to suit your specific business needs.

Suited for small, medium and large enterprises as well as specialised groups, churches, schools or wherever the need exists for this type of networking.

Secure and private.128-bit encryption. 24/7 connectivity. Electronic document storage. Cutting edge technology. Available for Android and IOS, and a web interface with the same functionality.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea?
This is the deal; R150, 000.00 initial setup and branding, 25% of the revenue from the Google advertising and a monthly hosting fee of R2650,00.

The remaining 75% of the Google advertising will go to your pocket and should in no time, start to deliver on your investment. Of cause, this will all depend on how popular your App will become.

Dream it, plan it and let us help you do it!

Our Services & Systems

Some of the features of Mobile App Development

Know where your clients are to provide a faster service or area specific services

Google Maps integration allows your customers to find you

Promote website content or product specials available on your website

Paid listings on Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook can help you reach new customers.

Our team specializes in affordable design and builds to your needs.

Enhance your customer base direct to their mobile, showcase your products and services.