Web Design Services

iWap System

MyMobileOffice website and App is a monthly subscription and a pay-as-you-use service. Terms and Conditions apply.

Monthly Subscription

Database hosting with unlimited traffic and size, security and daily backups.

System User Accounts

Additional user accounts can be obtained that is not included in your monthly virtual server hosting fee.

Document Storage

An online document storage facility for your company and your clients that is indexed and accessible from each profile page.

Payment Recovery

We offer speedy reconciliations, detail balance sheets and product splits. Our systems allows for integration with various banks and payroll systems.

Client Contact Fees

We offer convenient email and sms facilities for you to stay in contact with your clients. Each message is recorded in the time line event on each clients profile page.

Customisation and Integration

Further enhance your mobile office by commissioning customized applications, specialized reports and third party API integration to suite your specific business needs.

Special Applications

It is from our experience that most people are either unaware exactly what they require or require someone to do a full system analysis and figure out how to implement a computerized system. As we have found that this could cost hundreds of thousands of Rands and usually takes more than a year to implement. We have also found that this option is very impractical and will not work for flexible companies and individual that want to stay one step ahead of the competition.

In order to help you, we came up with an alternative method that will both suit your needs and at the same time covers the costs of development as the project proceeds. We follow a simple four-step program to get you on your feet:

Step 1: We do a very basic analysis and cost breakdown just to get the project up and running in its very basic form and functionality and give you an initial cost projection.

Step 2: You pay a 50% deposit and we implement the basic design.

Step 3: After the basic design has been implemented the remainder 50% is payable.

Step 4: Future expansion and development will be charged on a task by task basis.

Using our application design method will give you a very basic application that you will be able to start using on a daily basis, with a very minimal waiting period. Thereafter by making slow incremental expansions the application GUI, more and more functionality is added. This way you do not have to lay out thousands of Rands and wait months before even they get to see any progress. Any expansion will be charged on each and every small addition. This gives the control back to you to specify where to expand and also when to spend.

What does this all mean?

With your Mobile Office, you will have the ability to work after hours, from home, satellite offices, the back seat of your car or your cell phone, whenever and wherever you are!

It allows for a paperless office whereby all documents are stored in a digital format. It eliminates the need for expensive IT equipment, software procurement, and personnel. We free you from the worries of server failures, security breaches, daily backups and system maintenance, allowing you to do what you do best. Run your Business!

Surely in our opinion, the most progressive and innovative feature of the iWap system is something we call U-AD (User Assisted Development). Our system is alive! It never stops growing, it never stops changing.

It is constantly evolving around the needs of our clients. In this regard, we encourage our users to actively participate in the design and development of our system, from a simple suggestion to move a button or edit field, to highly advanced customization through the U-AD method. Think of it as a Lego set…

For this reason, we are enthusiastically looking forward to any new business ventures and let us see if we can once again, turn a trickle into a stream and a stream into a river.

Is it wrong for a business to have a heart and soul? We were inspired by Google's creed "Do no evil" and it is also our belief; In order for you to have the good things in life - you yourself need to be good. Also see our founding principles, mission and vision statements.

Our message to South Africa and the rest of the World is; Let us be a team!